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orange peel / knockdown texturing 

CUSTOM TEXTURING – Anchorage, Alaska

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Rooms that never end!  This is a big problem for most homeowners 
in Anchorage.  Where do I stop the color? As you can see, painting
in Anchorage is a little different from painting in some other areas of
the country.  But we think it is fantastic, and we would not want to be
painting anywhere else.

Rules are meant to be broken, so they are more like guidelines. Think
about it.  When you throw a different color on an area, you will be
drawing attention to it.  You want to make it stand out.  If it has a funny
shape, it will only scream out more:  I AM A FUNNY SHAPE!!  And
nobody wants that.

knockdown texture - Orange Peel Texture
The other big thing in Alaska is our textures.  Knockdown and orange
peel textures are everywhere.   If you are buying a home that was built
in the 70’s, 80’s and maybe 90’s, you might even be lucky enough to
get popcorn ceilings.  Yes, you want them removed and cleaned up for
lots of reasons.  You will not see too many smooth walls here.  I think they look naked after staring at texture for so long; but if you are from out east, you long for them, and yes, we can help you.

Fireplace accent wall - Orange Peel Texture and Knockdown Texture
So no matter what your previous home experience has been, we welcome you to Alaska with open arms.  Know that if you don’t like something, we can change it.While the first reason that most people do not paint seems to be the fear of choosing the wrong color, the second biggest fear seems to be the fear of either heights or the misunderstanding of where to start and stop colors.  If you have a home like most here in the Anchorage metro, your living room, dining room, entry, and kitchen all share a few walls that don’t necessarily appear to stop.

You will notice that there are a lot of options as far as painting contractors or even deciding to paint, yourself.  If you are new to Anchorage, you may notice that the walls are different, textures of the walls are different, or even that the styles of architecture are different.  Just as the United States is considered a melting pot, Alaska is considered a melting pot too.  There are very few natives that have been born here. It seems that most of us are from some other state.  Because of that melting, we have a combined mixture of different home designs.  Most people will say that the large open rooms and high ceilings pose a big problem when considering the thought of painting.

Depending on your style (and we have seen a lot), you may want to paint your home with lots of colors or with one main color with a few pops or accents.  However, accent walls can be tricky.  You’ve seen a red wall or two in your friends’ homes, but you have never been brave enough to do one yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a “big bold RED“.  It could be a deeper gray…a pop of lavender…a punch of Mediterranean blue.  The color must be chosen to compliment your décor, but it must draw attention to a wall that you want to highlight.  Do NOT just pick a wall and throw up color.  When choosing an accent wall, G & A Drywall & Paining suggests either symmetry, or architectural interest:  a bump out, art niche, some columns, something structural that we want to transform into a focal point. If you are interested in a free Orange Peel Texture and Knockdown Texture color consultation, please give us a call at 907-887-4412.​

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