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Magic Wall Painting - Attention to Detail

Magic Wall Painting

Some brand new workplace buildings use a very cool feature in

their particular offices. On one wall surface they make use of tiny

steel magnets to hang all their particular design sketches and

records. Without piercing the drywall or wanting to place up

corkboard, that they had just painted the wall with magnetic

paint that was incredibly powerful.

Rust-Oleum Magic Wall Painting

Rust-Oleum tends to make a magnetized paint that is quite easily

available (at least anywhere you could get spray paint - in some

cities, such as Chicago it's banned, but G & A Drywall & Painting

has it, and uses it. It's as great (and combinable with) the a

number of kinds of chalkboard paint out here suitable now.

We make magnetic chalkboards on plain drywall mounted in an embellished image framework if you want, or paint the whole wall into a Magic wall.

Magnetic paint does n't have any real magnetized energy of the very own and does not entice metallic things. Like a metal surface, magnetic paint just lures magnets. The Magically Magnetic Paint G & A Drywall & Painting uses is safe enough for a child’s room.

We can't attest to the security of the premixed volatile liquid magnetic shows in the market, however the only risk linked to our additive is if you would drop a pail of it on your base. It's hefty. We place eight weight of magnetically attractive product in just about every gallon of ordinary paint.