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LATEX OIL PAINTING – Anchorage, Alaska

Latex Oil Painting - Attention to Detail

Today almost every wall, ceiling and cabinet is painted with a latex or

oil based paint. Latex oil is most common while oil based paint provides

a more durable surface. Latex is applied to walls and ceilings. Oil based 

paint, like high gloss, satin and flat gloss is usually used in kitchens,

bathrooms, trim and doors.

Before applying the first coat of latex oil paint, each room of the house is

carefully cleaned, taped and cleared of any furniture or fixtures. Drop

cloths and protective tarps are also laid out when necessary.

Interior Painting

Every interior paint project is different and we begin each job with the

utmost professionalism, care and customer focused approach as we

have been for the last 20 years serving the Anchorage Alaska area. For

better idea of the interior paint process, read below or call G & A Drywall & Painting for a free estimate 907-887-4412.

Selecting latex oil colors that compliment your house is very important. We work closely with the owner to ensure the color they select is the color that accents their room. We treat each color application with the same care regardless of applications drying times.

If you would like a hassle-free, no obligation quote, please contact G & A Drywall & Painting for a free estimate. We want to ensure that we deliver a paint job that will last. By using only premium paint products, the paint goes on faster, applies move evenly and lasts longer. Higher quality paints are manufactured with better ingredients that increase durability and extends lifetime of the paint. Cheaper paint usually contains clay and filters which result in poor paint coverage.