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Interior Painting - Attention to Detail Thorough preparation is 
essential for quality interior painting. At G & A Drywall &
Painting, you can expect our craftspeople to manage every
detail of your interior painting project.We will protect your
furnishings, wood floors and carpet. Sand, caulk, fill, and
prime surfaces as needed. Clean all woodwork to be painted
so the paint adheres properly and looks better. No corners
will be cut on surface preparation, or by not applying a second
coat of paint when necessary. And, extra care is always given
to be neat and clean throughout the entire interior painting
job. Your work will be done exactly as contracted and
as scheduled. You can expect this and more from G & A
Drywall & Painting.Condominium Interior Painting Specialist
Painting condominium interiors calls for a unique set of skills
by the interior painting contractor.

At G & A Drywall & Painting we specialize in painting condominium
interiors because we offer you all of the necessary requirements to
successfully complete your interior painting project.All of our vans are
organized, well stocked with supplies and equipped with the proper tools.

We are as transparent as possible, with the least possible impact on your neighbors and the common areas.We have 14 crews on staff, so we have the ability to assign one crew to your interior painting job, and they stay on your project from start to finish. This means your job is completed faster and with the least amount of disruption to you at home.

Our crews are experts at dust barrier protection; we offer low odor and environmentally friendly paints that comply with condo associations’ rules and regulations; our painters employ a variety of materials and techniques (drop cloths, protective film, floor paper, ​masking products, zip walls, etc.) to allow you to live in your home while we paint; and we will even move your furniture for you. We offer a wide variety of related interior painting services including drywall repair, enabling you to use one contractor to complete your project. It saves you time, effort and the hassle of scheduling different companies.

Since 1994, G & A Drywall & Painting has been proudly serving Anchorage with quality interior painting and exterior painting. We employ a “quality-first” approach to our craft, recognizing the essential nature of prep work to a long-lasting and esthetically-pleasing paint job. Before “going-green” was in fashion, G & A Drywall & Painting was already utilizing low and zero-VOC products to provide our clients and thecommunity in general with a safer, more environmentally-friendly process and finished interior painting product.

​G & A Drywall & Painting’s record of customer satisfaction is nearly unmatched in the greater Anchorage area. So whether your home requires complete exterior restoration or you just want to update the colors in your living room, G & A Drywall & Painting can handle your interior painting project. 

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