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Water resistance coatings – waterproofed coatings can help to repel rain, 
preventing it from being absorbed into your roof, and instead, forcing it
where you want it to be – in your drainpipes and sloughing off to the
ground, harmlessly. If your area has heavy rainfall at certain times of year,
this is a great improvement you can make to your house, preventing
expensive leaks and damp patches that sometimes never truly dry out.

Having a roof over our head is something that many of us take for granted.
As one of the most basic defenses we have against the weather, it’s no
surprise that a roof takes the brunt of bad weather. From normal rain
showers to devastating tornados, a good roof can protect your family and

G & A Drywall & Painting of Anchorage can help you to make sure your
roof is up to the job.Floor coatings / Secondary containment.

As a company we strive to have a team work approach on every project
that we’re involved in. This approach has allowed G & A Drywall &
Painting to build a very diverse and strong customer base, allowing us
to continue to provide responsible, fair and accurate services to customers
in Alaska.Reflective – Not only can a reflective coating give your house a
bright, cheerful feel by reflecting the sun, it’s also a fantastic way to keep the heat down inside your house. For many people, long, hot summers can prove expensive as the only respite against the heat and humidity is the air-con. A good reflective coat of roof painting can prove a natural way to keep the heat down that little bit more without resorting to more 21st century methods.

G & A Drywall & Painting was established in May of 1994. We provide consulting, testing and third party inspection services to the painting and high performance coating industries Alaska. We have experienced and highly trained personnel who have worked in the industries for many years. Chemical CoatingsWe are a mobile company that has provided services to many parts of Alaska. We have proven many times the value of independent third party inspection. We strive to help our customers receive the quality of workmanship they are expecting. We look forward to assisting you with a project in the future.

How Roof Coatings Painting Can Restore Your Home’s Look
Our employees all have backgrounds in the coatings industry, both from the sales side of industrial coatings and from the application side. Combined experience exceeds 30 years’ worth of technical and application knowledge. We feel that these are very important attributes and this is what sets G & A Drywall & Painting aside from other inspection/testing companies in the coatings industry.You may be wondering why a painting contractor should be hired to use paint to protect your roof, rather than roofer. Many tiles come with coatings, a kind of thick paint that is often treated with special chemicals to give it properties – what you need will depend on what typical weather conditions you can expect to see in your area over the course of any given year. For most people living in Anchorage, these two coatings will provide you with the best weather protection possible.

​A good painting contractor will be able to tell you many more, and also tell you which your roof really needs. G & A Drywall & Painting of Anchorage your one-stop local contractor to find out exactly what coatings you need to help your roof to protect you when you need it. You can call today for a free consultation at a time convenient to you, and you are under no obligations to sign up for any of our services – but we think you’ll be impressed with just how much we know!​